Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where do winter workcampers go?

There are a lot of fulltimer RVers who camp host in parks and playground across the country every summer. But in many parts of the US, when the geese fly south, and cold weather begins to move in, the workcamping RVers move out. Where do they go? Some take on hosting assignments in the warmer south and southwest. Others "vacation," moving around where they will. But a cadre of RVers park their rigs in campgrounds operated by Amazon.
That's right, probably the Internet's largest retailer, hires loads of workcamping RVers to man their warehouses in Nevada, Kansas, and Nevada. According to Workamper News, Amazon is the largest employer of RVers. In an article published by ABC News, Amazon won't confirm their status as Mr. Big, but they sure put out the welcome mat.
One Amazon campground for workers has sites for nearly 200 rigs, just two blocks away from the warehouse in Campbellsville, Kentucky. In addition to hookups, one of those interviewed by ABC said Amazon offered other perks. Ted Smodell says he was treated very well. "They give you your lunch, and they give you various incentives. We got bottled water every day. If you had a good safety record, they gave you a nice lunch. I worked on Thanksgiving, and I got to bring home a nice pie. On your break, there's fruit. They want to keep you healthy."
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  1. Also don't forget Toys R Us,Big Lots and other large corp warehouses.Granted they don't pay for your campsite,but at $15/hr plus it's easy to pay for it and still make more in the long run.Drivers at TRU make $18/hr to start.